Shades of gray...

My main area of interest at the moment, when it comes to photography, is shades of gray. Commonly known as black and white. I prefer shades of gray since its more descriptive, those seductive levels of gray that change smoothly from one tone to the next. Shades of gray because it's rarely black nor white, it's all those levels in between.

I've done some B&W printing using original color inks in the past, but pictures optimized for incandescent light, do not look the same in daylight and so on, and there is often color cast. Monochrome inks on the other hand, is more than just different, it's perfect -or as close as it gets.

Piezography K7 inks is stunningly beautiful (I think:). Not only on matte paper though, Piezography inks on glossy paper with gloss Optimizer on top works very well indeed.

JonCone Studio Papers Type5 is beautiful, but the weight is to low for use on Epson 3880, it do not stay flat during printing of dark motives, it's natural white and ultra-smooth glossy surface. Canson Palatine fibre rag isn't bad, but for for gloss I prefer Museo silver rag.

Matte printing, Hahnem├╝ehle Museum etching 350gsm, natural white 100% cotton

Other... New 2016

Other stuff from 2015-> Mostly Drawing and painting....

Old stuff...

My old stuff, or pre 2012 to be more correct. Mostly photography, some digital artwork, and more traditional stuff such as pencil drawings, painting etc.

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